Choose from 3 Dazzling Packages below that will “Wow” your guests and sure to be the hit of your Event!

#1 The Snack Attack

A large variety of candy, an assortment of chips, prepackaged cakes & cookies and a variety of cold drinks chilled on ice. Plain white plastic bags included.

#2 – The New York City Street

Includes everything in “The Snack Attack” plus 3 hot food choices from the list below. Plain white plastic bags included.

White Castle Burgers
Burger King Burgers
Mc Donald’s Burgers or Chicken Mc Nuggets
Taco Bell Beef Soft Tacos
Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets
Hot Salted Pretzels
Nathan Hot Dogs with Buns
Cinnamon Churros
* All American Burgers *
* Chik fil A Chicken Sandwiches *

#3 The Good Morning Truck

A large assortment of Dunkin’ Donuts and Bagels, a variety of chips, croissants and cookies. An assortment of cold drinks, i.e. Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Starbucks drinks, all chilled on ice. Hot Coffee is also included. Also comes with Cream Cheese and Butter packets. Plain white plastic bags included. Mc Donald’s breakfast items are also available at an additional cost, please inquire for pricing.

All hot foods in Package #2 is purchased within 1 hour of your Event and kept warm in our temperature controlled ovens for freshness.

Servers are included for each package above, depending on the size of your guest head count, there shall be between 1-3 servers for each food truck. Please call or email our sales team for more information.

* All American & Chik Fil A are specialty items and have less quantity than the other items. Please call or email our sales team for more information.