Most asked questions and answers

Question:  My venue requires insurance.  Are you insured?

Answer:  Yes. Mobile Delights Sweets and Treats, LLC. is a fully licensed and insured corporation to work at all venues in the state of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  In fact we have two insurance policies, one to operate our trucks to distribute food/consumption and one to be on location at the venues.  If on location in Manhattan parking permits must be obtained.

Question: How long is the truck parked outside in front of my venue?

Answer: Our food truck with staff shall arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the end time of the event and stay approximately 45 minutes after the event end time has concluded.  So, approximately 90 minutes.  For larger events our trucks are at the venue for approximately 2 hours permitted by venue.

Question: Why don’t you list prices on your website?

Answer: Mobile Delights does not list prices on its website because our prices vary due to location, date and times of the Event, specific hot food choices and guest head count.  We also run different promotions throughout the year with our affiliated venues throughout the States.  Please mention when you speak to our sales team of where you heard of us, it could lower and affect the price.

Question: What do you do with the extra left over food on the truck?

Answer:  Any perishable foods such as donuts, bagels and all hot foods are yours to keep and to take with you.  We will help pack any of these items for you.  If you decide not to take the perishable foods, we shall dispose of any and all items or give it to charity.  We will also pack up to 2 bags of any candies, sodas and treats remaining on the truck.  It is up to our discretion to keep any remaining beverages or candies remaining on our trucks as we always overstock to get the “Wow” factor from you and your guests.

Question: When do you purchase the hot food?  

Answer:  All hot food is purchased directly from the restaurants 1 hour prior to the arrival time of your Event and kept warm in our temperature controlled ovens in the rear of the trucks.  This insures freshness and quality controlled items regulated by the board of health.

Question:  I’ve seen other food trucks.  What makes yours different from others?

Answer:  Mobile Delights Sweets and Treats, LLC. is the only After Event Food Truck Company with just this purpose.  We are not an event company, A DJ Company, A Photographer, or have a route during the morning hours.  In fact this is 100% our only business.  Mobile Delights’ sole purpose is for providing food trucks for private events only.  Mobile Delights Sweets and Treats, LLC. is the only full time corporation in the state of New York that specializes in this unique service.

Question: What do you do if my venue has multiple events?

Answer:  We provide you with our “Mobile Delights Golden Tickets”.  The tickets are given to you when we finalize 2 weeks prior to the event with your exact head count.  Your entertainment will distribute the tickets at your event and when your guests visit our truck, they provide us the tickets and we provide them the products.  This insures that only your guests receive the products you paid for.

Question: When do you accept payments?

Answer:  Our services are reserved with a signed contract and deposit.  The deposit is usually 25% of the total contract.  The final payment is due 2 weeks prior when your menu options are completed.  All payments must be in the form of a certified check, money order, personal check or cash.  All trucks, staff and products are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Question: Can you get any items requested to display on your trucks?

Answer:  We will do our very best in accommodating all your food requests.  We have accounts with numerous suppliers throughout the country.  The items we are not allowed to offer are all energy drinks, vitamin water, alcohol and fish.  These items are prohibited against our insurance policies and licensing agreements in the state of New York.

Question:  Are there any additional fees to the pricing of any package?

Answer:  As a full time corporation in the state of New York we are obligated to collect Suffolk County sales tax for any contract reserved.